Phelica A. Glass, LSCSW, GCCA-C, CSOTP

Meeting the needs of individuals by empowering their voice, strengthening their individuality while joining them in their personal journey. If you have found yourself searching for your inner voice, seeking a better you, or identifying your place in life . . . I’m available to partner with you. If your children are in need of a motivator or an encourager who will be available to them, who will advocate for them or who will help them set limits in their behavior . . . I am available to them.

Specializing in children’s behavioral and emotional disorders. Helping families transition during life changes and trauma. Certified Anger Management Educator. Certified Child and Adolescent Grief Counselor. Trained to provide supports to communities by helping families process life producing emotionally healthy individuals who productively give back to their families, schools, and workforce.


My belief is that children and families transition smoothly through any situation they face when they have the supports needed. No vehicle . . . I will come to you. Uncomfortable in the office setting . . . I will come to you. Children unavailable during school hours . . . I will go to them.